Welcome to my studio 😊

It has been a very long time since I posted anything, but with a full time job, lots of stress and lower back problems, sometimes it is hard to keep the flow. However, I had a great opportunity to come back with my studio photographed by the talented photographer Jay Shaw-Baker (instagram.com/jpaint30/).  It inspired me to keep going, and to remember my goals and dreams. 😊


Stormy Light 

My latest work is also my largest. I was inspired by the “Tiger in a Tropical Storm” by French artist Henri Rousseau. I love his jungle paintings, how he expressed what he imagined to be the real tropical forests. He was a self-taught and great artist. 

My painting was also imagined, but like Rousseau’s art it’s not less real. I have included photos from start to finish, with details and close-ups.

It’s a mixed media project, with real leaves and flowers, and glow in the dark pigment. 


Enjoy 😊